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Ryan Quinn is a MMA fighter out of Danbury, Connecticut. Having turned pro in 2008, Ryan has put together a record of 4-2. With a background as being a top high school wrestler, shortly after transferring colleges Ryan got his start in MMA.

He excelled as an amateur by winning twice in decisive fashion, and following his second fight he and his training team realized it was time for him to turn pro.

“In my second fight I dominated throughout each round and simply man-handled my opponent,” said Ryan. “I wanted to turn pro but I knew that I needed to wait until my coach told me I was ready, and once he did, we focused on preparing for my first fight.”

This year Ryan has been more active than ever in pursuing his goal of becoming a top contender in MMA. Already he has had three fights, and has gone 2-1. In his last victory at UCC 3: Renegades earlier this month, Ryan earned his first TKO as he controlled the pace of the first two rounds and devastated his opponent with vicious ground and pound.

“Prior to the fight at UCC 3, I had lost in July,” said Ryan. “It was a tough and heartbreaking loss, but rather than getting down on myself I let it motivate me to train even harder for the fight against Kevin Horowitz. Coming into this fight I was much more relaxed in the past because I knew I was in tremendous shape and ready to go to battle. And my dad told me before a fight, ‘if you get nervous, just be instinctive…when you’re being instinctive you’re usually at your best’. I apply that each time I get into the cage and go to work,” said Ryan.

And Ryan showed that the training and hard work paid off. In all of his fights he has displayed his ability to fight as a complete fighter, winning with by submission, TKO and decision due to his strong conditioning.

Ryan attributes his versatility as a fighter and his ever-so-increasingly dangerous stand-up game to his diligence in always working to improve and his training partners at American Top Team.

“I have been working my hands more than anything lately,” said Ryan. “I travel to a variety of gyms throughout New York as well as local gyms so that I give myself the best opportunity to train with the top people. I will go wherever I need to so I can work my hands and continue to improve as a fighter.”

What drives Ryan to compete at his best and excel as a MMA fighter is simply being able to do what he loves. “I can’t see myself not training and fighting, it’s what I do and what I love,” said Ryan. “I want to know that I’m always putting all my work and heart into it and always striving to get better. It’s hard work, yeah, but it’s what I love to do.”

Whereas most fighters would take off and relax following such an impressive win, Ryan showed why he is not most fighters. After his win at UCC 3, he enjoyed the weekend before getting back into the gym and getting back into the grind to start training for his next fight.

He steps back into the cage October 9 at XFC 12: Mayhem, where he goes to battle with Dhiego Lima.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone at ATT, and give a shot out to all of my sponsors—Primetime Fitness, New Fairfield PMR, Warrior Class MMA, and The Center of Martial Arts. Lastly, thank you to my family and friends for always being there,” said Ryan.

At 23 years old Ryan Quinn is on the fast track to making a big impact in MMA. He is unrelenting with his training and work ethic, and has the makings to compete for a title shot in the near future. Keep an eye out for this rising star, and for more information about his next fight, visit

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