Marianna Kheyfets wins three round war with Marissa Caldwell (FighterGirls)

( reporter David Bottemley was live onsite to cover the XFC 13: Unstoppable card and took some great photos of the event.)

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Marissa Caldwell (XFC 13)

The XFC delivered a great set of matches Friday night, including what was a solid three round fight between Marianna Kheyfets and Marissa Caldwell in Tampa, FL. (Major props and thanks to John Prisco and his staff for their hospitality for access at XFC 13.)

Both fighters looked good at the weigh-ins, although Caldwell was over the 130 catch weight limit at 131.2. Kheyfets could have let it go but asked that she cut the weight. She did so on her 1st attempt, getting down to 129.4. This is Kheyfets’s second pro fight and it is against a tough opponent in Caldwell. I was expecting some ground work in this fight and not too much stand up.

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Marissa Caldwell (XFC 13)

In round 1, the two exchanged punches as Kheyfets scoring a spinning back fist and a body kick before Caldwell was able to take down and mount Kheyfets. Kheyfets would use her legs to fend off Caldwell, and it goes back to their feet.

After several nice punches from Khyefets, Caldwell was able to bring Kheyfets to her back, but they are stood up after the ref warned Kheyfets about some illegal upkicks. They got back at it on the feet, as Kheyfets takes down Caldwell. Kheyfets takes mount, blasting Caldwell with hard right hands. Caldwell is able to get half guard, as Khyfets land s punches to end the round.

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Marissa Caldwell (XFC 13)

Round 2 begins with a head kick and spinning back kick by Kheyfets. Kheyfets lands a spinning backfist, but Caldwell takes Kheyfets’s back and they go to the mat. Caldwell has her arm under Khefets’s chin, but is unable to secure the choke. Kheyfets spins free and stands up. Caldwell also stands and it becomes a striking game once again.

The two exchange punches as Kheyfets hit some great combinations. Kheyfets hit an overhand right followed by a jab, followed by a nice kick to the jaw. Caldwell bounced back with punches of her own, and Kheyfets tried for another head kick as round 2 end.

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Marissa Caldwell (XFC 13)

Caldwell presses the action at the beginning of round 3. She started hit a few punches, but Kheyfets gets the takedown and starts to punch from top position. Kheyfets back off, and takes it back to the feet. They exchange punches, with Kheyfets trying to land another body kick. Caldwell was able to catch the kick and take Kheyfets to her butt, pinning her against the cage. Caldwell lands a flurry of punches as Kheyfets was able to get to half guard.

Caldwell worked her way to mount, with Caldwell continuing to get some punches in. Kheyfets was able to get her legs on Caldwell’s shoulders and push her off. Both fighters went back to their feet. Kheyfets landed a body kick which momentarily dropped Caldwell. Caldwell pressed on, as Kheyfets hit a superwoman punch followed by a right hook. Kheyfets took down Caldwell one more time before the final bell.

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Marissa Caldwell (XFC 13)

Marianna Kheyfets defeats Marissa Caldwell by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Kheyfets improves to 2-0.

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