New Generation Girls of MMA fighter: Marianna Kheyfets (Girls of MMA)

Girls of MMA speak to Marianna Kheyfets about her MMA career.

Let us introduce to you Marianna Kheyfets a next generation Pro MMA fighter. Marianna took the world by Storm by beating Kim Couture on her first Pro MMA debut at the XFC 11. Marianna Kheyfets dropped Couture and finished the fight with a triangle choke for force Couture into a submission.

GIRLS OF MMA - Hi Marianna, How are you today? Thank you for giving us a moment of your time. Girls of MMA are all about making the world aware of the success the girls bring to the sports of MMA.

MK – I’m doing great thanks for featuring me on Girls of MMA!

GIRLS OF MMA - As a start can you please tell us and the fans something about yourself, such as where are you located, how old are you, what do you do for work, describe your personality, What are your other interests outside of mixed martial arts, etc?

MK – I’m 25 years old and I fight out of American Top Team CT/Best way BJJ in Danbury CT. I work full time in Television Post Production as well as my fighting career. Outside of work and training I like to relax, hang out with friends and teammates, and go to the beach. I am a huge sports fan as well as an avid dog lover.

GIRLS OF MMA - Can please describe to the audience out there, what led you to the MMA Sports?

MK – I began martial arts at the age of 9. I took tae kwon do when I was little then moved on to kung fu. It was there at the kung fu academy (Lyn Academy of Martial Arts in Stamford CT) when I began sparring hard. I loved the fact that it was full contact and I saw it as a huge challenge. After I graduated from college in Miami I began searching for a great place to train. I got the itch to get in the ring and spar again. I found American Top Team and started to learn about the sport of MMA. I thought that I could one day get in the ring and that dream came true.

GIRLS OF MMA - Did you face much challenge to become who you are right now in MMA?

MK – I feel very blessed that I found American Top Team. It’s a family atmosphere and they took me in from the beginning and helped me get to where I am today. I am surrounded by pro fighters and they motivated me to become successful in the sport. MMA is a huge challenge and sacrifice but totally worth it in the end. The feeling of getting in the ring or cage is the best!

GIRLS OF MMA - When you had your first cage fight what the walk to the cage was like and what was going through your head once the cage door was locked?

MK – Walking out to the cage was so cool. The XFC puts on a great show and great production value. SO the entrance was really cool. It was a huge adrenaline rush and I just remember being so happy to be there! When the cage door was locked I was just focused on moving a lot and keeping my hands up. I kept telling myself that this was my time and I deserved to be there. I think the positive reinforcement paid off and I was happy that I could put on an exciting fight and people enjoyed watching me fight.

GIRLS OF MMA - What is your current Pro record at the moment?

MK – I am 1-0 and looking to fight again soon!

GIRLS OF MMA - In your Debut Pro career fight, you fought Kim Couture, tell us your experience on how you felt fighting against her?

MK – When I got the call that this fight was offered to me I felt as if this was a dream come true. I knew she was an experienced pro fighter and fought on national television before. I also knew she has a great camp behind her. I watched tape on her and felt that I could compete. I have confidence in my striking and grappling and in my team and training partners.

GIRLS OF MMA - Do you have a scheduled fight or project coming up soon you want to tell the fans out there?

MK – Yes, I have a few fights in the works. As soon as one of them becomes final I will post it on facebook. I cant wait to get in the cage again!

GIRLS OF MMA - Speak about what your training consists of on a day to day basis.

MK – I train BJJ three times a week, sparring twice a week and padwork and wrestling mixed in. I train with some great pro fighters so they really push me.

GIRLS OF MMA - Who are some of the people who have influenced you?

MK – Well, being at ATT, there are a lot of high level MMA fighters. They’ve all influenced me. I like to watch them train and try to emulate their styles. My coaches influence me as well. Luigi Mondelli is a high level BJJ world champion and my striking coach Rob Cipriano is a great muay thai competitor so I feel so blessed that I can train along with these guys.

GIRLS OF MMA - As the women’s side of MMA begins to get more media attention, What’s next for Females in Pro MMA?

MK – I know there are plenty of great female fighters out there. And the fans love watching women’s MMA. So I’m glad to be a part of it. I think it will only get bigger and bigger and women tend to show so much heart and put it all out there. People love that about women’s MMA.

GIRLS OF MMA - What’s next for you?

MK – I have so much to learn! So my goals are very simple…keep learning all aspects of MMA and keep challenging myself in up coming fights.

GIRLS OF MMA - Thanks for spending the time to talk to us and we wish you all the very best with reaching your goals. Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Would you like to give any shout outs to any sponsors/coaches/fans/friends and family?

MK – Thanks for having me on! I do want to thank my friends, family, and my team! ATT CT/Best Way BJJ! I want to also thank my Manager Angelo Bodetti, he’s the best. And huge thank you’s to my sponsors and brawl and maul! Also a shout out to ATT West Palm Beach and Lyn Academy of Martial Arts…thank you guys!


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