VIDEO: Wilfredo Santiago Victorious at Combat Zone 36

Despite a pre-fight knee injury, Wilfredo "The Brown Bomber" Santiago gets medically cleared and the win at Combat Zone 36. Will needed only 39 seconds to knock out Chris Madden. In the most eagerly anticipated fight on the under card, Will “The Brown Bomber” Santiago of Lawrence, MA entered the cage with an undefeated record as both an amateur and a pro for his test against Chris Madden.

To the major disappointment of the crowd, Santiago badly injured his left knee when stomping on the mat while being introduced. But with clearance from the ring doctor, Santiago elected to fight and then fired up the crowd when he needed a scant 39 seconds to knock out an over matched Madden with a flurry of powerful and rapid strikes to the head. It was then the vanquished fighter’s turn to require the attention of the medical staff as he lay motionless on the mat for several minutes.

“I never considered not fighting“ said Santiago, now 2-0-0 as a pro, while limping back to the dressing area. “I couldn’t quit. I trained too hard for this and I would have fought even if my leg was broken. I definitely feel that I keep getting better with every fight.”

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