Play by Play: Dan Cramer vs. Greg Rebello (Bellator)

Dan Cramer vs. Greg Rebello

Round 1:
Cramer clinches Rebello into the fence, immediately eliciting cheers of "Let's go, Cramer" from the Connecticut fans left in attendance. Cramer spends a good 90 seconds digging for a takedown, switching from single leg to waistlock. Two minutes in, it's Rebello who trips Cramer down at the base of the cage. Cramer gets on top and ties up the shrimping Rebello. Referee Kevin MacDonald warns Cramer for an elbow which strays to the back of Rebello's head. Cramer grabs a loose guillotine and finishes out the round with ground-and-pound. sees the opening frame 10-9 Cramer.

Round 2:
Another takedown from Cramer begins the second round, and he scoots Rebello around the cage in open guard.

Deep, deep half guard from Rebello, who's not letting Cramer get enough space to punish him from on top. Cramer bashes with left hands nonetheless until the inside of his arm is red with Rebello's blood.

They stand at the bell at Cramer gets off a few solid knees to the gut in the clinch. It's another 10-9 Cramer round on the scorecard.

Round 3:
Rebello clinches up this time and he eats half a dozen knees to the midsection for his trouble. He drops levels on Cramer, who's got his back to the cage and his base spread. Cramer takes Rebello to the floor. They quickly stand and Cramer goes back to trying to take his man down. He does with about 30 seconds to go. Rebello's rear is at the base of the cage and he drives forward on Cramer's leg. Cramer stifles the takedown attempt and punches from the standing position to the final bell. 10-9 Cramer, and 30-27 Cramer overall on the scorecard.

Official scores: Judges Jeff Blatnick, Dave Tirelli and Cardo Urso all see the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Dan Cramer.

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