Play by Play: Ryan Quinn vs. Mike Winters (Sherdog) Play by Play:

Round 1:
Keith Peterson is the ref for this welterweight contest. Quinn gets a takedown almost instantly and the Tri-State crowd roars for the Connecticut native. Winters works back to his feet, only to be deposited on the floor again. They stand again and the tide changes, as it's Winters who lifts Quinn off the ground and drives him into the canvas. Quinn uses a kimura to sweep beautifully into the guard of Winters, who puts his back to the fence and punches to Quinn's head. Quinn grabs a headlock as they stand and Winters takes a knee to avoid Quinn's knee strikes. Winters nearly gets a takedown, but Quinn flips him over the top and spins for an armbar. Winters defends and winds up on top with 90 seconds left. Quinn uses an omoplata to get on top, but Winters slaps on an inverted triangle. The pair work back to their feet and Quinn scores another takedown with 30 seconds to go. Winters reverses again and closes out the round with short elbows from side control. Extremely close round. 10-9 Quinn.

Round 2:
Quinn ducks in behind a one-two and muscles Winters into the cage, but it's Winters who scores the trip takedown. Winters works from deep half-guard and can't get enough space to punish Quinn, who gets to his feet and trips Winters down. They land awkwardly and Quinn takes Winters' back momentarily, then scrambles and grabs a standing headlock. Winters gets another takedown and works from the half-guard of Quinn midway through the round. Quinn powers his way back up and the pair disengage. Quinn shoots on the first punch Winters throws and takes him down. He sets an arm-triangle and uses it to hop on top. Quinn pounds for a second, then looks for a rear-naked choke as time expires. 10-9 Quinn.

Round 3:
Quinn hits a takedown in the first 15 seconds and soon he's on Winters' back. Winters twists and puts Quinn back in half-guard, where Quinn tries for the same arm-triangle transition that ended the previous round. He gets Winters' back and puts one hook in, can't get the RNC, so he pounds away for a few seconds. Winters is on his back again with Quinn working diligently to pass. Winters looks for a kimura from the bottom and nearly has his back taken again. Quinn works from half-guard with 60 seconds to go, thudding shots to Winters' ribcage. Winters is just tying up, trying not to take any more abuse, but Quinn gets loose for a moment and wails away. Winters flips Quinn over the top and grabs at a leg as the fight ends. 10-9 Quinn, for a 30-27 Quinn scorecard.

Official scores: Judges Cardo Urso and Dave Tirelli see it 30-27 for Quinn, while Bryan Minor registers an official tally of 30-26, all for the winner by unanimous decision, Ryan Quinn.

Ryan Quinn def. Mike Winters

This was an entertaining back-and-forth ground battle right from the start. Sometimes a fight that takes place primarily on the ground can lack action but that wasn't the case with Winters and Quinn. Both fighters constantly worked on the ground and tried to submit their opponent. Still, it was the local product Quinn who was more active throughout and he really dominated the final round. That was the difference, as Quinn was awarded a unanimous decision much to the delight of the crowd.

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