Play by Play: Dan Cramer vs. Josh Samman (Sherdog)

Round 1:
Bellator 46: After a moment of feinting, Samman shoots in on Cramer and pushes him into the cage. Samman is in on a single, but gets stuffed and switches to a double. Samman nearly gets it coming off the fence, but Cramer regains his footing after dropping to his knees. Cramer and Samman separate and land a flurry of punches before clinching again. Cramer swims to the Thai clinch and lands a hard series of knees and a right cross to follow. Cramer gets Samman along the catch, and sucks the Tallahassee native to the floor. "Cosmo" gets busy with short punches and elbows, but Samman shrimps away and crawls up the cage. Cramer gets the Thai plum again and lands a series of short knees. An elbow lands inside for Cramer, but Samman reponds with a vicious five-punch combo that rocks Cramer. Cramer grabs a headlock and hits a harai goshi into side control at the bell. seses the opening round 10-9 for Dan Cramer.

Round 2:
Samman begans the round with a wild flurry of one-twos, putting Cramer on his heels for a moment. However, the TUF alum lands a hard knee, forcing Samman to shoot. After 30 seconds of defending the takedown, Cramer turns his foe off the fence and hits an uchimata that grounds Samman. Cramer postures up in guard and lands some tough hammerfists. Samman tries for an armbar from the bottom, but Cramber stacks, pounds, and then passes to half guard. Cramer stands up out of the guard, and dives back in with a heavy right. Samman continues to bicycle his legs, but Cramer defends and pounds him each time until the bell. sees the second frame 10-9 for Dan Cramer again.

Dan Cramer vs. Josh Samman

Round 3:
Right cross-left hook combo for Cramer snaps Samman's head back just after the bell. They clinch along the fence again, and Cramer gets a double collar tie once more, pelting Samman with heavy knees. One of Cramer's knees strays low, and Samman feebly crumples to the mat for a moment, earning a reprieve from referee Jorge Alonso. Upon restarting, they clinch again, and this time, Samman knees Cramer low, giving us a five-second pause. The fight resumes again, and the clinching follows. Samman pushes for the takedown, but Cramer defends easily, landing steady knees to the body. Cramer sidesteps and lands another hip throw on Samman, landing in guard. Cramer gets to half. Samman kicks Cramer away at the bell. It's a clean sweep for Dan Cramer, who takes the bout 30-27 on the scorecard.

Official scores: Judges Ric Bays, Barry Luxenberg and Rich Green match 29-28s across the board for Cramer, the winner by unanimous decision.

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