Shah Bobonis gets wish in bout against Marcos da Matta

Shah Bobonis

Shah Bobonis has been all over MMA news as of recent it seems. He has had a very impressive 2011, winning all three of his fights thus far this year while also picking up a title in Mexico along the way. He is one of the top ranked fighters in the state of Florida in both the Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions. He also made headlines recently for partaking in Dominick Cruz's camp and assisting the UFC champ in preparation for his UFC 132 Bantamweight title bout with Urijah Faber, which Cruz won.

Once Bobonis made it back from San Diego to his home state of Florida, his attention was solely on getting his next bout. He had a bout scheduled with top ranked Caleb Archer for August 19th in Fort Lauderdale for the Fight Time Promotions, but Archer was pulled from the card. Caleb Archer is a fighter that Bobonis has been trying to get a fight with for a long time, and with Archer being pulled from the card it forced Bobonis to have to scout out yet again another top ranked opponent. The FFA fighter even went so far as to put a 'wish list' together on an mma forum of the fighters that he would like to face which included Chris Manuel, Marcos da Matta, Brian Eckstein, and Pablo Alfonso. Every fighter on the list is considered top ranked in the state of Florida and Bobonis

The Miami native will soon be making headlines again and will get his wish to face one of the fighters on his 'wish list' as a verbal agreement has been put in place for Bobonis to make his Bellator debut against top ranked Marcos da Matta on September 17th at Bellator 50 on the live side of the card. This will be a battle between the #3 and #4 ranked Featherweights in the state of Florida that is guaranteed to be an exciting bout. Their match up will be at a catch weight of 140, a weight that both should be comfortable with because they both compete regularly in the Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions. When asked about the bout with da Matta, Bobonis had this to say:

“I’m honored to be fighting such a great bjj player. I think it's a classic striker vs grappler match up. I can't wait to test my skill against a world class opponent. Being on the live side of Bellator is by far the biggest stage of my career and I plan to impress everyone watching.”

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