Interview with Ryan Quinn (NortheastMMA)

Ryan Quinn

After Ryan Quinn's quick submission win over number 1 ranked Brett Oteri he spoke with the guys at for an extensive interview.

The interview details his Bellator 48 victory, his training at the American Top Team headquarters, and his personal life.

RYAN QUINN IS HERE! If there is one constant complaint we hear about the New England regional MMA scene it is that top fighters often avoid one another. However, when Bellator comes to town the reasons and the speculations are cast aside and we are treated to the best the region has to offer! The second fight on the recent Bellator 48 card saw two of the regions top welterweights squaring off; Brett Oteri was living in the #1 spot at 170 lbs while Ryan Quinn was residing on the same street at #7.When the fight was over, it was Ryan Quinn standing with his hand raised and the folks at NorthEast MMA preparing to rewrite the Welterweight rankings. I spoke with Ryan after his most recent win, the biggest of his young career.

Ryan tells me he is a two-time Connecticut state runner-up in high school wrestling. He also earned All-American honors in high school before wrestling some in college. He has earned his Brown Belt in BJJ. His ground fighting pedigree has served him well.

Ryan Quinn trains out of the American Top Team in Connecticut as well as Florida. “I travel to Florida for about four weeks to train before each fight. My training camp for this fight went real well. I have athletes like Thiago Alves and Gleison Tibau in my camp,” said Ryan. “I had no weight issues, I was actually walking around lighter than normal, and my cardio was good. I came into this fight in great shape!”

Brett Oteri came into this fight top ranked in the region with an 8-1 record, his only loss coming at the hands of Matt Lee. Ryan Quinn has a victory over Matt Lee. “I tried not to focus on the Matt Lee component. Each fight is different, and I don’t think my win over Matt Lee was that significant for this fight,” said Ryan. He was well prepared for Oteri. “Everything in that (Oteri) fight happened the way it should have. We drilled the basics every day,” said Ryan. “It all comes down to basics; passing the guard, takedowns…basics. It’s not necessarily who has the best moves, but who makes the fewest mistakes.” Wow! Now there’s a philosophy book that we can all tear a page out of!

Ryan told me a bit about his job, and how it allows him the latitude to train, travel, and fight. He also credits his coaches, teammates, and training partners with helping him to where he has gotten in life. “Guys like Dan Cramer, Ricardo Liborio, and Derrick Mehmen… They’ve all been great. I feel very blessed to be where I am right now. I am a product of my environment.”

Like most top level fighters, Ryan Quinn comes across as a very confident, yet humble guy. He’s thankful for all the people in his life who have helped along the way. He continues to surround himself with good people as he embraces the philosophy:

It’s not necessarily who has the best moves, but who makes the fewest mistakes…

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