Play by Play: Carmelo Marrero vs. Scott Barrett (Sherdog)

Carmelo Marrero vs. Scott Barrett

Round 1:
Schiavello keeps calling Barrett “the man with no neck”. These guys are former training partners. Leg kick from Marrero. Marrero probing with a jab. Big knee from Marrero is a low blow, he lands about four punches after that before the ref can stop it. He gets a time out though. Ref restarts them. Leg kick from Barret, they tie up, knee from Marrero. Barret shoots, stuffed. Pushes Marrero to the cage. They trade knees to the body. Underhooks from Barret. Right from Barret. Marrero backs out, lands a right. Barret tries for a takedown, stuffed. Right hand from Marrero. Knee from Barret, he backs Marrero to the cage and they have a nice exchange. Nice right from Marrero as they move to the center. Barret lands a nice right, these big sluggers let em fly and Barret backs him to the cage. Barret backs out to the center. Stiff jab from Marrero. Barret pushes him to the cage. He backs out to the center. Barret wipes his eye. Big right from Marrero. Barret shoots for a double, muscles him to the ground and is in quarter mount. A couple of little elbows from Barret. 10-9 Marrero. Replay shows a beautiful right from Marrero lands right on the eye that Barret is squinting.

Round 2:
Left from Barret and Marrero fires back landing a few. Left from Marrero, then a one two. Barret’s face is bloody. But he can take a shot. Knee from Marrero, Barret pushes him to the cage. Knee from Marrero. Right from Barret from the clinch. Marrero backs out and Barret follows. They trade some nice shots, big uppercut from Barret as he pushes Marrero to the cage. Ref halts the action as Marrero eats a low blow. Touch gloves. Left from Barret, big right from both guys. Barret backs him to the cage, gives him some knees to the body. Knee from Marrero to the body. Again. Barret gets underhooks. Ref separates them. They grab the back of their heads and trade right hands a la Don Frye. Barret pushes him to the cage, body shot. Knee to the body, again from Marrero. Barret backs out and lands a nice right but he’s slowing down. He backs out and lands a couple more shots. Goes for a takedown but can’t get it. Fun fight.

Round 3:
Marrero cut under his left eye, they hug. Right hand from Marrero, again. Again after a test of strength. They keep using pro wrestling tests of strength and punches. Marrero’s cut is opened up now. Knee from Marrero and Barret’s nose is a bloody mess and looks broke. They tie up against the cage as Barret lands an uppercut. Knees from Marrero. Ref separates these tired heavyweights. Their punches are slower than a crippled turtle at this point. They tie up after a few punches then move back to the center. Nice body kick from Marrero. Barret pushes him to the cage. Body shot. One and a half minutes to go. Ref separates the clinch. They tie up in the center. Uppercut from Barret, again, again. They move to the center, big right from Marrero. Left hand. They trade shots and Barret pushes him to the cage. Marrero backs out and they trade shots until the bell. These are some tough big boys that left it all in the cage. Great showing. I give the final round to Marrero and the fight to Marrero 29-28

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carmelo Marrero def. Scott Barret by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)

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