Play by Play: Marianna Kheyfets vs. Molly Helsel (Sherdog)

Marianna Kheyfets vs. Molly Helsel XFC 14

Round 1:
Helsel has a lot more experience and has fought a lot of big names. Leg kick from Helsel. Body kick from Kheyfets. Helsel catches her next kick and puts Kheyfets on her back. Kheyfets with a full closed guard. Helsel stacks her up. Kheyfets using kicks off her back to defend. Helsel lays down inside her guard. She closes guard. Helsel postures up with some nice elbows. It should be noted that Helsel has a lot more fights than Kheyfets who only has three pro fights. Big kick to the thigh from Helsel who is standing over Kheyfets. She tries to pass to side control but Kheyfets catches her in full guard. Kheyfets punching her from off her back. Ref stands them up. One minute left. Left hook counter from Helsel. Kheyfets with a left. Helsel misses a one two, lands a leg kick. Nice right from Kheyfets, lands a right after missing a front kick. Leg kick from Helsel, straight right from Kheyfets. 10-9 Helsel.

Round 2:
Leg kick from Helsel. Jab from Kheyfets. Left hook, straight right from Kheyfets. One two from Kheyfets. Body shot from Kheyfets, then a right. A couple leg kicks from Helsel. Leg kick from Helsel. Kheyfets slips on a punch, lands a nice counter right, jab. Leg kick from Helsel. Left hand from Kheyfets, then a right. Right hand from Kheyfets scores. Helsel staying a bit busier it seems though. Left jab from Kheyfets. Round ends and Helsel’s face is bloodied up. Not a ton of shots landed in this round but Kheyfets should have it 10-9.

Round 3:
Leg kick from Helsel, right from Kheyfets. They both land stiff rights and Helsel’s nose is leaking blood. Leg kick from Helsel. Big overhand right from Helsel. Stiff left from Kheyfets. Leg kick from Helsel. Another overhand right from Helsel. Left hand from Kheyfets. Again. Body shot from Helsel. Leg kick from Helsel, countered with a right. Kheyfets times a perfect lightning fast takedown lands on top in half guard, moves to side control, stands up and lets Helsel up. Kheyfets gets another takedown, inside full guard with less than a minute to go. Leg kick from Helsel. Stiff jab from Kheyfets, and Helsel gives her one back. 10-9 and 29-28 for Kheyfets.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Marianna Kheyfets def. Molly Helsel by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)

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