Matt “The Mangler” Bessette cleans up with 2 end of year MMA awards

Matt Bessette

Matt Bessette has built on his 2010 "Fight of the Year" performance with 2 additional year end awards.

Matt has won the’s "Fight of the Year" for his title fight against Joe Proctor and the Registered Fighter’s "Submission of the Year" for his last minute heroics against John Benoit.

"2011 FIGHT OF THE YEAR – Bessette vs. Proctor

In a year that saw many great fights we, at NorthEast MMA, saw one fight rise above and beyond. In 2010, Matt Bessette v Anthony Kaponis was selected as Fight of the Year; Matt Bessette returned in 2011, but this time he invited Joe Proctor!

Several components that contributed to the decision were:

1. Two highly ranked fighters.
2. Lightweight Title on the line.
3. Five round war that went the distance.
4. Controversial decision.

The night was October 8th, and the Reality Fighting Mohegan Sun card featured several high end fights; Bessette v Proctor, Gonzaga v Porter, and Haddad v McLaughlin. Each of these three fights was for a belt and each lived up to its hype.

The Bessette v Proctor fight was for the Reality Fighting Lightweight Strap. Bessette (7-2) and Proctor (6-1) were coming in highly ranked with strong records; each fighter was also on a win streak. The five round war that the crowd wanted was delivered. These two warriors traded strikes and takedowns; it was a back and forth battle that tested the heart, cardio, and total skill set of each fighter. When it was over most at the press table thought Bessette had done enough to earn the decision, but the judges saw it for Proctor via Unanimous Decision! Great fighters + Lightweight Title + five rounds + controversial ending = Fight of the Year!" - NortheastMMA

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