Play by Play: Terin Swanson wins bantamweight debut with first round submission

Terin Swanson

18 year old Terin Swanson wins his bantamweight debut against Jonny Lopez with a very slick rear naked choke at the 3 minute mark in the first round at Reality Fighting.

Two takedowns and 4 submission attempts finally ended with a scramble that saw Terin on Lopez’ back for the first fight of the nigh.

Terin Swanson Wins Bantamweight Debut

Terin Swanson vs. John Lopez
The Crowd looks to be filling in quite nicely as the first Fight gets under way!

Rd 1. Lopez is the aggressor right of and he nails a takedown and commences to G&Ping. Terin throws up a smooth arm bar off the bottom. It’s deep, but Lopez battles through it. Terin throws on a crazy inverted triangle for the choke and a foot lock/toe hold on the other end; this looks nasty. Lopez scrambles out and the fighters stand it back up. Lopez shoots a double and Terin scrambles to take his back with double hooks. Terin is digging in for the RNC. He switches to a body lock and tightens in the RNC for the tap out, slick as a smelt!

Winner by RNC @ 3:02 Rd 1: Terin Swanson

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