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Hero Sports Management

Hero Sports Management is a full-service sports management team, committed to providing a wide range of high-quality, integrated and personal services for the professionals and amateurs that we represent.

Hero employs a comprehensive approach to helping our clients build long-term, high-profile, and profitable careers. We utilize existing contacts and established relationships with prominent executives worldwide to maximize opportunities for our clients.

We specialize in promoting and marketing our athletes through personalized interactive web sites, securing high-level sponsorships, and handling the day-to-day details of athlete management that place our clients at the forefront of their sport.


Hero will use our many industry contacts and relationships to find you the best opportunities possible. We will work with you throughout your entire career, from your humble beginnings, to the height of your fame and deep into your retirement. We believe in personal relationships and the “family” atmosphere. We have a very hands on and personal management style. Hero’s clients become part of our family as we all work together to build long lasting and profitable careers. We will work with our fighters on every level, from one individual service to a suite of full management services.

Sponsorship in MMA is one of the most important aspects from the business perspective. We strive to provide the best possible opportunities for the fighter and the MMA sponsor, and thereby create a mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved. Hero will use our contacts and relationships to get every fighter the sponsorships they deserve.

We will use our knowledge, contacts, and creativity to market a fighter, promotion, or specific event. Please see our testimonials to see some of the positive things that promoters, fighters, and others have to say about us.

Even though you may already have representation and management, we know how difficult it can be to get fights. That’s why we offer fight finding as one of our services. With our contacts and our positive reputation, we are confident that when a fighter or his(her) manager contacts us, we will find you the fight you have been looking for.

We know that as fighters you have very complicated tax and employment situations. Fighting for different organizations in different states can quickly become a financial nightmare. In many cases setting yourself up as a business under an LLC is the way to go. Let us guide you and ensure that you are getting all of the deductions you are entitled to.

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